The Hotel- History

The Hotel Oiti is the living history of Ypati spa resort.

It was built  in 1896 , designed by a German architect. It was the second building ,built in the spa resort to operate as a hotel and to serve mainly rich travellers of the time,who arrived on carriages to have their vacations in Ipati spa resort.

Great personalities of politicy and business of Greece in the 20th century have stayed at the hotel.

In a rare film document of 1930 we can see the spa resort full of visitors. At that time it used to be one of the most popular destination for holidays and relaxation in Greece.  Some spots from the main yard of the hotel Oiti can be seen , full of visitors and some typical cars of that times.

The hotel  ‘ Oiti ‘ has been officially declared by the Ministry of Culture as a historic listed monument of the architectural heritage of the country and it completes 120 full years continuous operation.

In now days the owner takes special care of the preservation of the historic architectural character of the hotel , combining the ability to offer the facilities of a modern hotel.